Paintball Pads


Bunkerkings just showed a glimpse of what their new Royal Guard elbow pads look like. We have also confirmed that the new pad line will feature knee pads along with elbow pads. Virtue is following a trend right now in paintball to make apparel and padding lighter and more functional, this is a trend that we welcome. Look for pads to start hitting stores in June and at $64.95

A few months ago HK Army realized their revamped elbow pads, and now they are back at it with a new version on the Crash knee pads. Just like Exalt earlier in the week, there is nothing to specula here, just another pair of knee pads. In comparison to HK Army’s pervious pads the new Crash pads have a much higher build quality and should hold up to abuse much better. However the HK Army…

First I’ll say this, Exalt just released the best looking pads in paintball. They didn’t revolutionize the elbow or knee pad, but they have managed to make the best looking pads on the market. Previously Exalt offered just slider shorts and elbow pads. While the slider shorts look different from afar, the padding seems to be much the same. The FreeFlex elbow pads on the other had are much different, everything about them is different. …

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