Paintball Pads


The name Infamous have been around the game of paintball for a long time, the team started up in the nearly 00’s and quickly became a fan favorite with players like Chris Lasoya and Gator Glaze the teams also contented for wins. All these years later Infamous are still playing pro paintball and are still a team with top players.

Bunkerkings have some new new compression style paintball pads. BK are releasing the knee pads, elbow pads, slider shorts and a compression top. All the pads are lightweight and designed for speedball players that want super lightweight and quick pads. Bunkerkings also have their very popular Fly pants, could this be a sign that Bunkerkings are breaking out a little more and making even more products?

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The HK Army HSTL line is a mid-level priced jersey, pant and elbow pad. Absolutely love this. There are not enough competitively priced paintball pants and jerseys on the market. There is the Empire Prevail line and Exalt T4 pants but that is about it. HSTL Pants – Will sell for $100, super good deal, as long as the quality is there. From the pictures they look like a lesser version of the Hardline pants. HSTL…