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Virtue Spire 280 1400ml Hopper

Virtue Spire 280 Capacity Shell

With the wake Millennium Series 1400ml hopper rules, Virtue has come up with a solution to the 280 ball maximum hopper capacity! The timing may not be the best, being April Fools day and all but we assure that...
beantown paintball revolverloader

Beantown Paintball Revolverloader

Beantown Paintball Revolverloader is one of the most innovative products we have seen in a very long time. In an industry that keeps pumping out virtually the same products year after year, it is great to see...

HK Army TFX: First Impressions

After about a 3 months wait the HK Army TFX has finally landed. The TFX is a big deal for HK, this is the first product that they have made that plain needs to work. This is also the most complicated and diffic...