Paintball Goggles


I have always been a big fan on the JT masks, especially the JT ProFlex. The ProFlex even after nearly 20 years on the market is still one of the most popular paintball masks, its lightweight, has great ventilation and is affordable. The only issues was that it doesn’t not have quick change lenses like many of the newer paintball masks. Now with the ProFlex will still get that great ventilation and comfort, but now with a new quick change lens system.

The HK Army EXO case is the latest addition to HK Army’s EXO case line up. HK Army Also make a tank case, they also use used to make an EXO hopper case that came with the TFX hopper. —Cases—HK Army Goggle Case ➡ Army Tank Case ➡ The HK Army EXO Goggle Case is a rigid zipper enclosed mask case. The biggest thing that separates the EXO case from other cases…

The Best Paintball Products of 2017! ➖ The Best Paintball Gear➖ Planet Eclipse LV1.5 ➡ Planet Eclipse Etha 2 ➡ GoG Freak XL ➡ Planet Eclipse FL ➡ Virtue Spire III ➡ GI Sportz LVL ➡ Dye I5 ➡ Virtue Vio Ascend ➡ Ninja SL2 ➡ Planet Eclipse LV1.5 – The LV1.5 is the resurgence of the pop-valve gun. Pop valve markers like the LV1.5 have…

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