Paintball Goggles

One of the coolest and most personal parts of your paintball setup are you goggles or paintball mask. New masks from Dye, Empire, Valken, HK Army and any other goggle updates.

There are a of different options for paintball lenses! lets go over some of the differences and what lenses work best in the woods and on a speedball field.—Different Lenses— Dye I5 -
Dye SE Mask Goggles

Dye SE Paintball Mask

First, this is not the type of product that will get the average paintball player excited.The Dye SE, is an entry level mask that is aimed at the new paintball player. The SE will come in two versions, a si...

JT Proshield New for 2017

The new JT Proshield is back....The 2017 JT Proshield is almost ready to ship, dealers should start getting their deliveries toward the end of February. The Proshield is a paintball mask that has been aroun...