Paintball Bags


The leader in neato paintball products Exalt, have added a new product to their arsenal today. The Exalt Marker Sleeve. There are two sleeves one that will fit “modern” paintball guns ie CS1, M2, and “classic” paintball guns like autocockers and pump guns. Not that the sleeves are revolutionary but it is good to see them rehash and old product :cough: Redz. Sleeves start shipping soon and will sell for $24.95

Over the past few years Empire has been at the top of the gear bag game. They have made bags that are high quality and have specific compartments designed for paintball. Empire’s 2016 gear bags are no exception, this time both the higher end XLT and the lower XLR have built it hardshell mask compartments. The F6 XLT hasn’t changed much for the previous year, it is more of a refresh to fit Empire correct…

Planet Eclipse is back with some new bags for 2016. While the Marker Pack, Kit, Duffle and Backpack haven’t changed all that much other than some color and minor design changes the Marker Pack XL is a whole new product. The Marker Pack XL is just what it sounds like a larger version of the marker bag. The Marker Pack XL can hold multiple markers and as well as twice the amount of barrel backs,…

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