Paintball Apparel

Who doesn’t love to look fly? if you don’t stay away…..the latest new on paintball pants, jerseys, mask and everything in between.

Planet Eclipse Rain Jersey

Planet Eclipse Rain Jersey

Expanding on their Program range of lightweight playing gear, Planet Eclipse has released a new lightweight jersey.The Rain jersey is a pad free, breathable paintball jersey. Nothing really major to report ...
Dye Jet Pack Harrness

Dye Jet Pack Harness

First the name. PBrack already have a harness called the Jetpack! Really. Dye just named their new harness the same thing as one of their competitors harnesses. :sigh:Dye have never had an affordable harnes...

Valken Agility Pants and Jersey

Valken first Introduced us to the Valken Agility line in the summer of 2014 with the Agility elbow pads, knee pads and slider shorts. Now nearly two years later they are adding to the line up with the Agility P...