Gear Bags Gear bags are normally larger bags that are designed to hold most of your paintball equipment. Most of them have carry handles and wheels like luggage, but some opt for a larger backpack style with backpack straps. Some of the best bag companies are HK Army, Planet Eclipse, Carbon Paintball and Infamous. Paintball Marker Bag Marker or gun paintball bags are smaller paintball gun sized bags or cases that are designed to hold…

Nothing is known about the mask yet other than it looks to be made by Carbon Paintball. The does have a very open lower, if released it would be the most breathable mask on the market. The mask also looks to have a thermal HD style lens and a chinstap.

The Virtue Spire IR2 is one of if not the best value hoppers in paintball. It has the performance of its higher-end sibling the Spire IV at about half the price. Sure its not as slick as the Spire IV its doesn’t have Bluetooth and its a bit harder to get apart, but its half the price and it has some new solid colors.

HK Army make some of the best paintball bags and rolling gear bags you can buy and yes they are for sure worth it. HK Army bags in are made very well. They use high-quality durable fabrics, great zippers and the sticking is great. It’s worth asking yourself if you need a rolling gear bag or if a smaller bag like the HK Army Expand bag would work. I’ve been playing paintball for over 20…