Paintball Question Time

Category ◾ Mike – Thoughts on Empire resurrection? I would like to get a high-end autococker, but don’t want it to cost and arm and a leg. ◾ Juan – Do you have any tips for someone building an autococker for the first time. Inception Designs Timing An Autococker – Inception Designs Valve Install – JoshMedina autococker timing – ◾ Ethan Rockford – I don’t understand why people are so crazy about… PB G14 – With the release of the Gmek, CVO and other high end mechanicals, should we expect to see a resurgence of mechanical tournament play or do you feel it’s more of a gimmick. – Yep, 10man is totally back. What drew me to your question, was the word gimmick. While yes the world is filled with gimmicks, marketing tactics and other non-sense. I don’t think the comeback of 10man is a gimmick,…

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