Category A few days I took the short drive out the Capital Edge Paintball Park here in Sacramento to talk to Dyland Boyum of Sacramento DMG. I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to play pro and since I’ven ever played at that high of a division, I thought it would make sense to grab someone that has. Dylan has been playing paintball for about 12 years on and off, he played… The Force is out! Check out my review out below. Earlier in the week, I uploaded a video with Yosh Rau of Field one. Before that talk I grilled Alex Fraige this is that interview. Alex, along with Oliver Lang, Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau, and Eric Crandall purchased Bob Long. We talked about that some, the upcoming gun the Force, more projects and other paintball things. Check out this video below for a…

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