Industry News

Who doesn’t love a good rumor or some good corporate merger news? Well maybe the rumors….all the latest news from the inside working of paintball.

GI Sportz New Paintball Formula!

GI Sportz are getting back to what they used to do best, make quality paintballs. Back when GI Sportz accuired ProCaps/Draxxus they made some of the best paintballs in the game. Over the past few years GI...
valken paintball sponsorship

Valken Player’s Choice Sponsorship Program

It took awhile but Valken finally announced, Valken VPC (Valken Player Choice) sponsorship program. VPC is a sponsorship system created for players and teams that want choice. What makes our packages better t...
New Bob Long Logo and Website

New Bob Long Guns in 2017

In quick time it looks like Bob Long will be releasing a few new paintball guns in 2017. Bob Long (the company) was recently taken over by Field One Paintball. This past weekend we were able to catch up with Er...