Tournament paintball news from around the world. Millennium Series, NXL, CPS, PALS and all the other paintball leagues around the globe.

NXL Australia

NXL Going to Australia?

The NXL is coming to Australia, kind of. Not the real NXL but another division of Australia. Late last week we reported that the NXL and the CXBL were teaming up to share rules and series point standing in a...

CXBL is officially an NXL affiliate

Up util now the CXBL have been there own thing, sticking with the original x-ball style of 15BPS and halves with no mercy rules. In the NXL's and Millennium's attempt to try and unify paintball to a world wi...

Asia World Cup Results

Nations Cup RaceTo-4 1- USA 2- France 3- Belgium 4- South Africa Division 1 RaceTo-4 1- AISAWAN 2- Cobra Kai 3- KTM Nemesis Legion 4- Infernal Division 2 RaceTo-3 1- Inception Aisawan 2-...

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