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Infamous adds Phill Shredder to Roster

Infamous beefed up their roster again today by adding Phill Shredder. Shredder has spent the last few years playing for Tademygun Outlaws. Shredder was undoubtedly the Outlaws best player as he was a dominate ...
NXL W Bunker

WPBO New Bunker Release

In an effort to unify paintball around the world, the WPBO released the new "W" bunker replacing the Race in the NXL, the M in the Millennium and the A for the PALS. So far there been virtually nothing but h...

NXL Adding New Bunkers?

It appears that the NXL and its WPBO partners the Millennium Series and PALS will be adding some new larger bunkers of the upcoming 2016 season. The biggest thing about the new field and upgrade kit, the 6 new...