Day one is done and in the books for day one of the Mediterranean Cup. The Med Cup marks the first time that any major tournament series has used the M500 limited paint format. While points do seem to be running a bit quicker, the changed isn’t to dramatic. We did see some very fast points and some slow points, Impact and Comin’ At Ya has a 7 minuet point to start off their match. As a whole…

The ML Kings from Prague got a little better this year. Last year the team finished 4th overall in the Millennium’s CPL division. ML Kings this year added two of America’s best player: Jacob Edwards add Ryan Greenspan. It total the ML Kings has four Americans: Dalton Vanderbyl, Kyle Spicka, Ryan Greenspan and Jacob Edwards. Complete Roster: Jacob Edwards Charles Givens Ryan Greenspan Kyle Spicka Dalton Vanderbyl Pavel Mares Petr Mares Tomas Perutka Igor Svatos…

Offenburg Comin’ At Ya has picked up Los Angeles Ironmen player Brandon Cornell. Cornell will playing with Comin’ At Ya in all of the upcoming Millennium Series events in 2016. Just like many of the US professional players Cornell, will be more of guest of the team and will not attend all the team functions. His primary focus will still lie with the Ironmen and the competing in the NXL.

I’m not going to act like I know any of the guys on this team because I don’t. They are new CPL team and I don’t recognize any other names on the roster. For the last few years, the team has been playing in the DPL Bundesliga (the highest division) where the team ahs been one of the better teams.

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