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This post will never be old! Whenever a new paintball gun comes out we will update this post with the latest paintball gun info. UPDATED: 03-11-17 One of the most common questions new paintball players has is, “What is the best paintball gun”; in this article we will hope to answer that. Picking a new or first paintball gun or marker (gun and marker are synonyms, or at least the mean the same thing when we talk paintball)…

The most upgraded piece of equipment in paintball are barrels. Barrels come in may different, sizes, colors and price. There are a lot of well-made paintball barrels on the market and these are some of our favorites, in no particular order. Dye GF Boomstick Check out the latest pricing The GF (Glass Fiber) Boomstick is one of the most expensive barrels ever made and also one of the most complicated. The GF Boomstick is made from…

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