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In just over two week the Millennium Series has decided not to go ahead with the Challengers and Champions division in the CPL. This is what was going to happen – The Challengers division will work like this: The first event the Mediterranean Cup, 20 teams will play in the CPL. There will be 4 brackets of 5 teams each, each team will play 4 matches. At the end of the event the top 10 teams…

I have always been a huge fan of the Kp3. It’s a fantastic pump gun, and a great way to test out pump or to save a bit of money. The KP3 comes with a two-piece barrel, on/off ASA, lever feed-neck and has a super smooth pump stroke. All of the new colors are the non-SE models and will see a price jump from $229.95 to $249.95. Along with the price bump the KP3 will…

For 2017 GI Sportz are updating their Jersey and Glide Pant line up with a tiger stripe pattern. They have already released the Race 2.0 Harness in four different tiger stripe colors and now GI are showing off some updated jerseys and Glide pants. From the looks of it the Glide pants look the same. The Jersey will be a first for GI Sportz as they have not released a jersey in a few years.

The end of the tournament paintball season is nearing; just as with every year the end of the national tournament season ends with one grand event in Florida. World Cup is the event that everyone remembers, until the start of next season. The team that wins World Cup is often seen as the best team in paintball. The same should be true this year, so who do we think are the top dawgs going into World Cup?

Update: 07-10-02 – The CSR is pretty old now, check out Planet Eclipses latest gun the CS2. Hello, CSR. Just as we (and most everyone else) expected the Planet Eclipse CSR, is a special edition CS1. The Planet Eclipse CSR is a heavily modified version of the CS1, the trigger frame, body, POPS on/off, trigger, eye covers and barrel is all unique to the CSR. At first glance the gun looks like a much more slimmed…

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