Brad Johnson


The Planet Eclipse CS3 is more air efficient than its predecessor, the CS2, with most users seeing between a 10% to 15% improvement. Some have reported up to a 25% but this is not the norm. The controversy stems from Planet Eclipse’s claim that the CS3 is 20% more air efficient, which is likely based on testing with a larger tank. While a 77 tank may technically achieve more shots, this is due to the tank simply being bigger. ability to stay cooler longer and provide better performance at a higher volume.

The Infamous Pro DNA Barrel kit is a high-quality barrel kit that comes with a range of barrel backs and a freak XL Barrel back that can fit freak inserts. The kit is designed with knurled backs that provide an insane grip and is cut down to make it lightweight. The kit is built well and comes with a cool case that has Molly spots all over it. The kit is available in small sizes: .680, .683, .686, .688 and Freak XL Back.

In this video, I discuss an old and rare paintball gun called the Alien Revelation. This gun was made back in 2002 and has a unique feature of having no bolt. Instead, it relies on air to push a paintball out. Another interesting feature of the gun is that it has a trapdoor to seal the area and prevent air from blowing back up into the breach. The barrel is located at the back of the gun, which makes it extremely short.