Selecting your first paintball marker can feel like a big decision. It’s not just about finding a paintball gun; it’s about finding the right one for you. There are several factors to weigh, including performance, size, features, and, of course, the price. To make things easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top three paintball guns that are ideal for newcomers to the sport.

Planet Eclipse EMEK

Planet Eclipse introduced the word the GammaCore bolt system in the Gtek since then its been a massive success and is why the Emek is such a great marker.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: Single Piece Barrel Length:10in Battery: None Weight: 878 (g) Operating Pressure: 135 PSI

The Emek from Planet Eclipse has become incredibly popular in the paintball world over the last 5+ years. It’s no surprise why! Priced at less than $300, the Emek provides fantastic value.

It uses the GammaCore bolt system, which is also found in Planet Eclipse’s higher-end markers the 180R and CS3. The Emek runs smoothly at only 135 PSI. This low pressure results in very quiet shots, hardly any recoil, and it can handle delicate paintballs with ease.

The GammaCore not only ensures great performance but also makes the Emek one of the most reliable paintball guns available. Many paintball fields worldwide trust it as their primary rental gun, proving its ability to handle new players’ demands.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking for a dependable backup or a beginner searching for a cost-effective option, the Emek offers an outstanding mix of performance, durability, and affordability. It’s a game-changer in the world of paintball.

Tippmann Stormer

Tippmann have been known for decades to make some of the best and most reliable paintball guns on the marker, the Stormer carries on that line.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: Single Piece Barrel Length:10in Battery: None Weight: 1729 (g) Operating Pressure: 750 PSI

Tippmann is famous all over the world for making really tough and dependable paintball markers, and the Stormer keeps that reputation going. It’s built with strong yet lightweight materials, so it performs just as well as other Tippmann models but feels lighter.

One cool thing about the Stormer is its rail on top where you can attach different stuff. You can add a scope to aim better or a flashlight for when it’s dark. Plus, there are lots of options to change the stock and barrel, so you can set up your marker just how you like it.

With the Stormer, Tippmann still gives you something reliable and tough, but they’ve also added in some modern features and the chance to make your paintball gun your own. It’s a great mix of strength, flexibility, and adaptability for players who want the best on the field.

The Mini has been a long-standing favorite in paintball for many years. The newest Mini GS model will continue the tradition of the Mini GS.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: Two-Piece Barrel Length:14in Battery: 1x 9v Weight: 883 (g) Operating Pressure: 200 PSI

The Empire Mini GS stands out as a fantastic choice for beginner paintballers, and here’s why: it’s compact, dependable, performs well, and offers great value.

Firstly, the Mini GS is among the smallest paintball guns available today, weighing only 1.95 pounds. This makes it about 20% lighter than other electronic markers, making it ideal for smaller players.

In addition to its size, the Mini GS is known for its exceptional reliability. Its inline-poppet design uses very few o-rings, making it straightforward to repair, and replacement parts are reasonably priced.

Performance is another strong suit of the Mini GS. Its low-pressure operation allows it to perform like higher-end markers, with minimal kick, quiet operation, and a gentle touch on paintballs, making it suitable for tournament-style paintballs. Plus, it comes with an upgraded two-piece barrel for optimal accuracy.

When it comes to value, the Mini GS is hard to beat. While markers like the Planet Eclipse Etha 3 or Empire Axe 2.0 exist, they come at a higher cost and can’t match the affordability of the Mini GS.

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