Have you heard about the latest gun from Planet Eclipse the CS3? It’s been out for a few months now.

One thing I like about these CS cases is how cool they look. The CS3’s mechanical frame comes with its case. Currently, I’ve stowed the electronic frame inside it.

I love this color. Black with blue parts looks fantastic. The factory color is blue with gray parts, but we did a part swap, resulting in this black and blue combination.

I’m impressed by these mechanical frames from Planet Eclipse. I want to set up the trigger to my liking. They offer adjustability like their electronic frames. I’m optimistic about the CS3’s performance, although I haven’t used it yet.

I’m curious about adjusting these guns. It’s my first time setting up a mechanical frame. I want to tweak the activation point carrier. Some say it doesn’t make a significant difference, but I want to find out.

I’ll have a video on setting up the CS3 mechanical frame soon.

These frames allow you to incorporate electronics, like a game timer, which is handy. Unfortunately, they don’t have eyes to detect shots.

Speaking of the CS3 mechanical frame, it looks stunning. Very Dynasty-style.

Our sponsor, bfp gear.com, has a trade-in program for upgrades. I mainly buy these guns for reviews and sell them in the Paintball Ruin My Life Facebook group.

Who has experience with the CS3 and its mechanical frame? Do you think $2,100 is too much for a mechanical gun? Let me know!”


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