Introducing the new Planet Eclipse HK LV2 Fossil Edition. This limited edition features fossil-inspired designs on the LV2 marker. Available colors include Canary (silver and gold), Prestige (black and gold), Scorch swap (red and black), and Onyx (all black).

The differences between the Fossil Edition and the standard LV2 are primarily in the milling design. The internal components, functionality, and efficiency remain the same. The body cuts, barrel back design, and small front cap detail distinguish the Fossil Edition. Accessories like eye covers, frame, feed neck, and ASA cap are consistent.

While the Fossil Edition brings a unique look, its functionality matches the standard LV2. Remember, it’s a limited production, so get yours at Check the site for new colors too.

The HK LV2 Fossil Edition sells for $1,999.95, wheres the standard LV2 sells for $1599.95.


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