Paintball guns come in a variety of styles and prices.

Best beginner gun for more people
Best tournament paintball gun
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Best beginner gun for more people

Planet Eclipse EMEK

Planet Eclipse introduced the word the GammaCore bolt system in the Gtek since then its been a massive success and is why the Emek is such a great marker.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: Single Piece Barrel Length:10in Battery: None Weight: 878 (g) Operating Pressure: 135 PSI

The Emek from Planet Eclipse has taken the paintball world by storm, by easily being the most popular paintball gun sold in the last 5 years. And it’s no wonder why! Priced at under $300, the Emek offers an incredible value that’s hard to beat.

Equipped with the GammaCore bolt system, which is also used in the 180R and CS3, the Emek operates smoothly at a only 135 PSI. This low operating pressure translates to whisper-quiet shots, minimal recoil, and the ability to handle even the most delicate paintballs with ease.

The GammaCore not only guarantees top-notch performance but also makes the Emek one of the most reliable paintball guns on the market. In fact, it’s trusted by paintball fields worldwide as their go-to rental gun, proving its ability to withstand the demanding nature of brand new players.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a reliable backup or a beginner seeking the best bang for your buck, the Emek delivers an unbeatable combination of performance, durability, and affordability. It’s the ultimate game-changer in the world of paintball.

Tippmann Stormer

Tippmann have been known for decades to make some of the best and most reliable paintball guns on the marker, the Stormer carries on that line.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: Single Piece Barrel Length:10in Battery: None Weight: 1729 (g) Operating Pressure: 750 PSI

Tippmann is renowned around the world for making the toughest and most dependable paintball guns, and the Stormer upholds that legacy. Built with lightweight yet durable composite material, the Stormer offers the same bulletproof performance as other Tippmann models but with a lighter feel.

One notable feature of the Stormer is its top-mounted picatinny rail, providing ample space for various attachments. Whether you want to add a scope for enhanced accuracy or a flashlight for low-light scenarios, the Stormer has you covered. Additionally, there are numerous stock and barrel upgrades available, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your preferences.

With the Stormer, Tippmann continues to deliver reliability and sturdiness while incorporating modern elements and the flexibility to personalize your paintball gun. It’s the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and adaptability for players who demand top-notch performance on the field.

Best tournament gun

Planet Eclipse CS3

Planet Eclipse’s high-end flagship the CS3 has every high-end feature that Planet Eclipse offer and paired with the new OP core Planet Eclipse have made the best high-end gun of 2023.

Trigger Type: Electronic Barrel Type: 3 Piece PWR Insert Barrel Length:14.5in Battery: Two AA Weight: 884 (g) Operating Pressure: 95-115 PSI

At the top sits the Planet Eclipse CS3. Now, I must admit, this level of greatness comes at a price. The CS3 carries a hefty price tag, hovering just a tad under $1800.

The CS3 boasts fantastic ergonomics, the GammaCore bolt system ensures unwavering reliability, and let’s not forget the S63 PWR barrel, a true gem that delivers superb accuracy.

But that’s not all. When you invest in the CS3, you’re not just buying a gun; you’re gaining access to the best support in the paintball community. Planet Eclipse is renowned for their exceptional customer service, standing by their products and providing assistance.

Furthermore, the CS3 offers a mechanical frame that is incredibly adjustable. This means you can fine-tune your gun to fit your unique trigger finger. While the CS3 may require a significant investment, it delivers a level of performance and quality that is unmatched.

Shocker AMP

The Shocker line of paintball guns has been one the most popular for the last two decades. The AMP is the newest model, it has the famed the Freak XL barrel, its one of the lightest paintball markers, and it comes in at half the price of other high-end gun.

Trigger Type: Electronic Barrel Type: 3 Piece Freak XL Insert Barrel Length:14 Battery: Single 9v Weight: 805 (g) Operating Pressure: 110 PSI

The Shocker AMP features a completely redesigned bolt system, delivering a remarkable 20% increase in efficiency compared to its predecessor, the XLS.

It’s Twist-Lock bolt design enables tool-less bolt removal for convenient maintenance. With its impressively low operating pressure of 110psi, the AMP can handle even the most fragile paintballs without breaking them in the breech.

Whether you prefer electronic or mechanical operation, the AMP offers an optional mechanical frame to switch shooting styles effortlessly.

Enhanced ergonomics, a sleek body, and a responsive grip frame make the Shocker AMP the ultimate choice for discerning players.

Best mechanical paintball gun

Planet Eclipse Etha 3m

When Planet Eclipse released the Emek it was a quick success, now we have the Etha 3M, which in an “upgraded version” of the EMek. It features an on/off ASA, two-piece barrel, aluminum feedneck, and an adjustable trigger.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: 2 Piece Shaft Barrel Length:14.5in Battery: None Weight: 905 (g) Operating Pressure: 135 PSI

The Etha 3m, the paintball gun we’ve all been waiting for. It’s an upgraded version of the Emek, featuring the same reliable GammaCore bolt system but with added enhancements.

The Etha 3m comes equipped with sought-after upgrades, including a POPS on/off ASA for easy air tank removal, a quick-release bolt for hassle-free maintenance, an aluminum feed-neck for durability, a two-piece barrel for improved accuracy, and an adjustable trigger for customized shooting experience. These upgrades, if purchased separately, would cost over $300. However, you can get them all in the Etha 3m for just $110 more than the Emek. It’s a great value for the money!

Best magazine fed paintball gun

Planet Eclipse EMF100

Far and away the best magazine feed paintball gun is the EMF100, it features Planet Eclipse Gamma Core bolt, the same system thats found in the Etha 3M and it uses Dye DAM Magazine.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: 2 Piece Shaft  Barrel Length:14.5in Battery: None Weight: 1559 (g) Operating Pressure: 135 PSI

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 is a versatile paintball gun that can use either a loader or magazine. With its Gamma Core drivetrain, you’ll experience precise and quiet shots for tactical gameplay. The EMF100 operates at a low pressure of 135 PSI, providing excellent performance similar to high-end tournament guns.

It’s an ideal choice for stealthy woodland play, allowing you to move silently. The EMF100 features Picatinny rails on the barrel shroud and top of the body, giving you the freedom to attach various accessories such as scopes or flashlights.

Other great paintball guns

Tippmann TiPX

the best sidearm in paintball the Tippmann TiPX. There aren’t a lot of pistols in paintball but since its release the the TiXP has dominated . The TiPX uses 12 grams Co2 cartridges, can use variety of different magazine lengths and many other fun upgrades.

Trigger Type: Mechanical Barrel Type: 1 Piece Barrel Length:6.25in Battery: None Weight: 884 (g) Operating Pressure: 650 PSI

The Tippmann TiPX is a small and powerful paintball pistol. It’s made to be easy to use and move around with on the field, making it an ideal sidearm for your mag-fed setup. The TiPX is built tough and strong, so it can handle the demands of intense gameplay.

Standard the TiPX comes with 8-round magazines and runs off 12 gram CO2 cartridges. You can however get larger magazines and you can add the Remote Line Kit Adapter to run a large compressed air tank.

Empire Mini GS

The Mini GS is of the best smallest and best value in paintball, its small size makes it prefect for kids. Its shoots fantastic, has a great two-piece barrel, on/off ASA and a fantastic magnetic trigger.

Trigger Type: Electronic Barrel Type: 2 Piece Driver Barrel Length:14in Battery: 1x 9v Weight: 883 (g) Operating Pressure: 180 PSI

The Mini GS has gained a strong reputation as one of the top mid-range paintball guns available for under $400. It’s an ideal choice for players looking to upgrade from their starter marker without breaking the bank.

While it’s designed primarily for speedball, the Mini GS is versatile and can be used in any game type. It has several impressive features, including an easy-to-use on/off ASA, a comfortable rubberized fore-grip, and a two-piece barrel. With its lightweight design, minimal kickback, and multiple firing modes.

Overall, the Empire Mini GS provides excellent value for its price and is highly regarded by players. If you’re searching for a dependable and affordable paintball marker, this one is definitely worth considering.

Dye DSR+

The DSR+ from Dye is probably the quietest paintball gun in 2023. It shoots great, super quiet, and hardly kicks. It comes with a legendary Dye Ultralite barrel, a quick-release bolt, and a comfortable grip.

Trigger Type: Electronic Barrel Type: 2 Piece UL-S Barrel Length:14in Battery: 1x 9v Weight: 920 (g) Operating Pressure: 105 PSI

The Dye DSR+ is a high-end paintball gun designed to compete with other guns like the Shocker AMP and Planet Eclipse 180R. Priced at $1000, it offers advanced features that elevate your gameplay.

In terms of appearance and feel, the DSR+ closely resembles its predecessor, the original DSR, featuring the same trigger frame and fore-grip. However, there are notable improvements. The Edge2 trigger, it may look a bit unusual, performs really well. The ARC+ bolt shoots very very well and is extremely quite, while the new Solenoid Flow Restrictor (SFR) allows you to adjust the air usage according to your preference.

Overall, the DSR+ surpasses the original DSR, delivering reduced kick and a quieter shot. If you’re seeking a top-of-the-line paintball gun, the Dye DSR+ is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.


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