The successor to the popular 170R marker and features one main improvement the, the OP-R Core drivetrain. The OP-R core, is an improved GammaCore with a lower operating pressure.

Here are some of the key features of the Planet Eclipse 180R:

HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
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HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
  • Machined aluminum cover
  • Screws onto top of any tank regulator or valve
  • Includes two spare tank o-rings
  • OP-R Core
  • SL6 Inline regulator
  • Light-pipe eye system
  • 5-way adjustable trigger
  • OLED display
  • S63 Barrel


Launch Colors:

  • Midnight (Black)
  • Ember Storm (Grey/Orange)
  • Atlantic Storm (Grey/Blue)
  • Vyper Storm (Grey/Green)
  • HDE Earth (Digital Camouflage)
  • Pred Camo (Predator Camouflage)

New Features:

  • OP-R core drivetrain 
  • Double decoupled spool valve operation 
  • Quick strip grips 
  • 120psi operating pressure 
  • Cure ft bolt 
  • S63 14.5″ three-piece barrel w/0.689″ pwr insert 
  • Compatible with all pwr inserts (optional) 
  • Next gen mme electronics package 
  • Self-locating low-rise feedneck 
  • 180rR mech frame kit (optional)

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