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Back in the day, people used to just buy two of the same gun, so they had a backup that they were familiar with. But that can be pretty pricey.

If you’re mainly playing recball and not doing tournaments, I’d recommend something mechanical, like the EMek or the Etha 3M. These guns are super reliable and you don’t have to worry about batteries or settings.

Planet Eclipse Etha 3 Mechanical...
8 Reviews
Planet Eclipse Etha 3 Mechanical...
  • Low-rise aluminum clamping feed-neck
  • Quick-release back cap
  • FL 3-way valve
  • Lighter trigger return spring
  • Aluminum single-finger flat trigger - adjustable back stop

But if you’re playing tournaments and don’t want to shell out for two of the same gun, I’d recommend just getting something that’s known for being really reliable and easy to use. The Etha 3 is a great choice for that.

So there you have it – either get two of the same gun or something simple and reliable as your backup. Thanks for watching, and happy paintballing!

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