The Planet Eclipse 05 Ego was the first gun that the company fully designed and produced from the ground up. Nine generations later, the company has released the LV2, which showcases how far the Ego design has come. While the basic design of the LV2 is still the same as previous models, with a stack tube and two tubes, one for the lever valve and one for the bolt, the LV2 has a number of notable changes and improvements.

One of the biggest changes in the LV2 is its shot. The LV1 had a slower, lazier style of shooting compared to earlier Egos like the Ego 11, which had a quicker, snappier shot. This was due to the lever valve in the LV1, which required less energy to open and opened for a longer period of time. The LV2 also has a lever valve, but it operates differently than the LV1, resulting in a much more solid, crisp, and grown-up feeling shot.

Another change in the LV2 is its ability to be customized and tweaked to the user’s preferences. The gun comes with two different weight rammers, with the lighter rammer being more air efficient and the heavier rammer providing a smoother shot. The solenoid, which controls the forward and backward speed of the rammer, is also serviceable, so it can be rebuilt rather than replaced. Additionally, the LV2 has low pressure and high pressure regulators, which can be adjusted on the bottom of the foregrip.

The LV2 also features a rubber grip that is virtually identical in length to other Planet Eclipse guns, but because of the stack tube design, there is more front of the gun, allowing for a better grip. The trigger frame is also square and streamlined, with a bulkier feel reminiscent of the Force frame. However, the frame is larger than other models like the CS2, Geo4, and TM40, due to the inclusion of a 9v battery.

Planet Eclipse has also done a good job keeping all the wires on one side of the gun and providing slots in the frame and body to guide the wires. The wires are the perfect length to prevent pinching, but care should still be taken when assembling the gun. Despite these improvements, there is still a hose on the bottom of the body that can be smashed if the frame is not put on carefully. Overall, the LV2 is a solid and customizable upgrade from previous Ego models, with a more solid and grown-up feeling shot.


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