The Etha paintball gun has always been known for delivering high-end performance at a lower-end price. However, the first Etha model was not well received due to its loudness and heavy kick. Despite this, Planet Eclipse kept it on the market for six more years before renaming it the Etha LT and selling it for an additional three years. Since then, the Etha has improved greatly, with the Etha 2 and Etha 3 receiving positive feedback.

The Etha 3 has great ergonomics, with a longer design suitable for larger players. Some players initially found the Etha 2 to be too big, primarily due to its double trigger making the trigger area appear large. The blade trigger on the Etha 3 should make it fit more comfortably in the hands. The Etha 3 also has a quick, short trigger pull for fast shooting and several different firing modes, including break beam eyes.

Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic…
  • Low-rise aluminum clamping feed-neck
  • Quick-release back cap
  • Tool-less bolt removal
  • Aluminum adjustable blade trigger
  • 14.5″ 2-piece Shaft 5 barrel – Cocker fast threads

It operates with a 9V battery in the foregrip and is powered on and controlled through LED lights and a power button on either side. While adjusting through the LED lights is not as convenient as using an LCD or OLED screen, which is typically found on higher-end guns, the Etha 3 still delivers great performance.

The Etha 3 also features a traditional aluminum feed-neck instead of the previous PAL system. The new design looks more like a high-end gun with its smooth lines and cleaner appearance. It also shoots very well, thanks to the GammaCore bolt system, which is Planet Eclipse’s go-to bolt and can be found in the EMek and CS2 Pro.

In terms of what makes a paintball gun better, reliability, kick, sound, paint efficiency, and shot quality are the key factors. The Etha 3 is just as good, if not better, in most of these areas, especially in terms of reliability and shot quality. It’s also cheaper than many other paintball guns, including the Axe 2.0 and the Shocker AMP.

While high-end guns can be fun, they are not necessarily better than the Etha 3. The Etha 3 is a great choice for any paintball player, whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years. It’s perfect for players who have fallen in love with paintball and want to upgrade their gear, or those who want to try tournament paintball.


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