When I first saw the Zero Pro, I couldn’t help but think “Wow, that’s a lot of holes!” And it turns out, those holes were the key to the best ventilation in a paintball mask. After 25 years, someone finally figured out that the more holes, the better the airflow.

The Zero Pro comes with a thick, padded zipper pouch that no other mask can match, and once you put it on, you’ll feel the difference. The mask is covered in ventilation spots, with channels on the sides that angle away from your face to prevent paint from entering. The front is open, and there’s ample ventilation around the ears, making it the best modern paintball mask on the market, ahead of the HK SLR, Push Unite, BK CMD, and Dye i5.

There are four versions of the Zero Pro: Pro and SLD (Solid), each in a small or large coverage option. I have the Pro in the smaller coverage option, which is softer and more flexible than the SLD. The Pro also comes with two lenses: a mirror one on the mask and a clear one.

Putting on the Zero Pro is a breeze. The ventilation is excellent, the mask is lightweight, and the chin strap is easy to use thanks to a velcro design. The strap is 2 inches wide, compared to the 1.5 inches of other masks. The foam is high-quality, and the lens is easy to remove with a simple quarter-twist and push/pull.

The Zero Pro is releasing a series of thermal lenses, including Highlight, Midlight, and Lowlight options. The company even has a handy chart to help you choose the right lens, along with a viewer on their website to see what they look like.

Removing the foam is a bit trickier than other high-end masks, but it’s still manageable. All in all, the Zero Pro is the best paintball mask on the market, and I can’t recommend it enough.”


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