Update: November 11th 2021

Shipping late November 2021 for $114.95.

Super Excited! I love the Grill and have worn them on and off for over 10 years, and love the new changes on the 2.0. The Grill 2.0 still has the same mean Grill look, while at the same time modernizing the mask.

The Grill 2.0 looks very similar but it’s no longer a single piece mask, GI Sportz/V-Force have added soft ears. Adding the two-piece ears brings them up to par with other modern masks like the HK Army SLR or Virtue Contour 2.

Quick-change foam was also added, GI Sportz call it “Revolutionary”. Ventilation is also said to be improved and there is a new visor.

The Grill 2.0 takes the same lenses as the original V-Force Grill(Grillz)

November 8th 2021

In just a few short days GI Sportz are going to release a new version of the V-Force Grill, presumably called the Grill 2.0.

  • Quick change foam
  • two-piece ears
  • Better communication
  • Same Grill lens

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