When it comes to CO2 paintball tanks for paintball guns, there are no differences between the brands. There are different sizes from 3oz to 24oz, but they all use the same valves, same bottles and take the same gas (CO2). If you buy a Maddog CO2 tank or an Empire CO2 tank they are made to the same industry standards and work great.

Co2 tanks have been used to power paintball guns since the early 80s. Over decades the design has been refined and perfected. Now finally the paintball industry has settled on the same robust design.

Maddog 20 Oz Refillable Aluminum CO2...
• 20 Oz Aluminum Refillable and Reusable Co2 Paintball Tank
• Safety burst disc - exceeds all industry safety requirements - DOT and TC Certified
• Compatible with all standard paintball markers air source adapters
• 800-1000 Shots Per Fill

Most of the innovation with paintball tanks has been with compressed air or HPA. In the late 1990s electronics were being added to paintball guns and rate of fire was increasing. The higher rate of fire requires a higher flow, something that only compressed air can provide. So most of the innovation has been with compressed air.

If you have a paintball gun like a Tippmann Stormer or a Tippmann Cronus using a Co2 will work fine, if you have something electronic though I would look into compressed air tanks. Maybe give this a read – Co2 Paintball Tanks vs Compressed Air (HPA).

Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball...
2,566 Reviews
Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball...
  • Lightweight Aluminum DOT and TC certified cylinders Made in the USA
  • 3000 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
  • User replaceable Bonnet

Maddog 20 Oz Co2 Paintball Tank

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