The TFX 3 is the biggest change we have seen to the loader yet. The TFX 2 was nearly the same hopper as the TFX just with a reachable battery, now the TFX 3 has a whole host of new features.

New Features

  • Soft Touch Paddles – should help the loader handle even more fragile paintballs.
  • Expansion Ring Attachment – An expansion ring can be added between the two loader halves to give the TFX 3 an over capacity of 230+ rounds.
  • Rechargeable 2.0 Li-Ion Battery with USB-C Charging- Updated battery design
  • Laser Breaker Beam Eye Sensor – New to the TFX line are break beam eyes, perviously the TFX used pressure and micro switch to determine when to feed.

This looks like a good upgrade to he TFX 2, I like how it uses USB-C now, soft paddles are an upgrade, and then expansion section in a great update. The price did jump up $50, to $250, it does come with an Epic speed feed now though which it did not before.

HK Army TFX 3 Paddles


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