After almost 8 seasons with Dynasty Tyler Harmon has found a new team. Houston Heat came knocking on Tyler’s door in the middle of season and he answered. Tyler is in a unique position for a pro paintball player, he has the opportunity to make some actual money. Dynasty might be one of the best known teams but they sure don’t pay their players like it. Dynasty is owned by its players they don’t have a wealthy owner like Houston Heat. Heat can offer Tyler more than Dynasty and at this stage of Tyler’s career it’s a good idea to take some cash why you can.

@houstonheatpaintball has granted me the tremendous honor of playing alongside the squad and I couldn’t be more excited for this chapter of my paintball career. I will always have a huge space in my heart for the dynasty camp and all of the supporters! Y’all are truly the best!! Thank you for eight amazing years of paintball that I will never forget in my whole life. Philadelphia is next on the docket LETS GO!!!🔥

Tyler Harmon


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