HK Army out of all the paintball companies offer the largest selection of paintball pants.

HK have their HSTL pants that are a budget minded padded pant, the Hardline a high-end padded pant, Freelines which are also high-end but only have slight padding, TRK pants are even lighter than the Freeline and have no padding, and finally we have the new TRK Air pants HK’s lightest pant.

The TKR Air shares the same shape as the TRK, but the TRK Air is made with ultra lightweight materials making them about 40% lighter than the TRK. Other than that they are pretty much the same pants: dual swab pockets, zipper front pockets, drawstring waist and jogger fit.

They are on sale now for $120.

HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Pants (XL)
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HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Pants (XL)
  • HK Army HSTL Line pants are lightweight, durable, and affordable. Designed for entry to mid level players interested in an affordable, quality paintball pant.

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