The HK Army is HK’s follow up to the very popular KLR. The KLR has been on the market for a long time, so HK are hitting us with something fresh the SLR. The SLR features a new larger profiles, magnetic chinstrap, new CTX goggle strap and it is much more breathable.

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HK Army SLR Face Mask Goggle with...
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HK Army SLR Face Mask Goggle with...
  • HIGHLY FOCUSED VENTILATION ZONES + ENHANCED AUDIBLE CLARITY - Be heard on the field and breath easy with highly focused ventilations zones around the entire facemask allowing your voice to naturally expand outward creating clarity while neutralizing echo
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED MAXIMUM PROTECTION & ANTI-FOG BREATHABILITY - Full-face coverage with a unique blend of angular ventilation zones for maximum protection and breathability
  • UNPARALLELED COMFORT AND FIT - 3D memory foam features a tri-layer density foam technology that creates unparalleled comfort and fit. The upper and lower foam parts can be easily removed and attached without the use of tools or glue
  • HD PURE QUICK-CHANGE DUAL PANE THERMAL LENS SYSTEM - The secure Clip-Lock System allows the user to customize the SLR frame and quickly change the lens without the use of any tools. Change the look of your SLR Goggle with Additional replacement thermal lenses available for EVERY playing condition! SEE EVERYTHING!
  • ADJUSTABLE SOFT-PADDED MAGNETIC CHIN STRAP - Easy on and off adjustable chin strap with innovative magnetic slide release buckles! Magtek Chin Strap uses magnets to guide the components into the right position and mechanically locks them to allow easy use even without any visibility. Allows the buckle to be used on or near the skin without fear of pinching, even when you are in a hurry. Soft padded chin strap is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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