Matching the other Exalt Emek parts the Ignition Trigger is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and will work for both the Emek 100 and EMF100. The trigger features dual ball bearing and all stainless adjustment hardware that resists rust.

Why? The Ignition trigger has three adjustment points, the stock trigger has zero. That mean you can make the trigger shorter with the Ignition trigger. The two ball bearings that the trigger pivot on also make the trigger feel a bit smoother.

Exalt EMEK/ETHA 2 Paintball Feedneck...
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Exalt EMEK/ETHA 2 Paintball Feedneck...
  • Fits: Planet Eclipse EMEK
  • Fits: Planet Eclipse ETHA 2
  • Fits: Planet Eclipse EMF100
  • Fits: Planet Eclipse GTEK
  • Fits: Planet Eclipse ETEK

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