Replacing the popular KLR google system from HK Army is the SLR.

The SLR is unmistakably an HK Army mask, as it shares the same sharp angles that made the KLR so popular. It sort of has that Darth Vader feel.

The SLR has a four main differences: CTX Goggle Strap Pad, Clip-Lock Chin Strap, Ventilation and Build.

The SLR features HK’s new CTX Goggle Strap Pad. The pad sits on the back on the goggle strap to add some surface area, so the mask is more secure on your head. It’s a feature we first saw in the Dye I5 and now on many of the Virtue masks.

Clip-Lock Chin Strap is a magnetic chin strap that is very easy to use and is common on my high-end ski and snowboard helmets.

Ventilation also looks much much better than the KLR. The KLR’s biggest issue is the ventilation was pretty terrible, it looks with the SLR they have added some vents and made some of the vents larger. Having more ventilation makes the mask cooler and fog less.

Following the trend in paintball masks, the SLR is made of much softer rubber. The softer feel makes the mask form to you head a bit easier making it more comfortable.

The SLR is on sale now starting at $179.95.


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