Named after the late Tim Montressor the TM40 is the follow up the the DLX Luxe X. Tim has left a mark on life that will never be forgotten.

When the Luxe X was released a couple years ago, it was a big upgrade to the Luxe line. It had a new bolt system, new electronics, tool-less frame removal, and a few other features that made the marker very easy to use.

The TM40 is not going to be a huge change, I see the TM40 as an update to the Luxe X. It has all those new upgrade the Luxe X say just with a few new tweaks.

The TM40 core is the updated bolt system that has been optimal to work in both electronic and mechanical configurations. No idea what that actually means though.

The TM40 is on pre-order now at $1,500.

DLX Luxe TM40 Review


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