The Shocker AMP is the 3rd in the line of “newer” Shockers released under the Shocker Paintball name. The AMP features improved ergonomic and a new bolt that is lower pressure with increased air efficiency.

🏆 Shocker AMP –
🏆 Planet Eclipse 170R –

Overall the changes to the AMP are great, the gun feels better in hand and I prefer the shot of the new bolt system. For my money though the Planet Eclipse 170R is still the maker that I would pick, they are nearly the same price, but I prefer the feel of the 170R over the AMP a bit more. The AMP is a great buy though and would be a perfect fit for most paintball players.

🛍️ MERCH –

Planet Eclipse Emek –
HK Army Aerolite –
Bunkerkings CTRL –
Vforce Profiler –
Virtue Elite Harness –


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