Virtue have been at the top of the electronic loader games for a long time; they dominate both the high-end and the mid-range

🛍️ Spire IR 2 SALE! ➡

The Spire IR is based on the original Spire design; it’s been on the market a long time and was due for a refresh. Even though the hopper was an older design, it still worked great but had a few weak spots. The Spire IR 2 now has a similar shell closure to the Bunkerkings CTRL and a lighter weight drive cone.

If you have been around a while, you’ll notice the Spire IR2 is different right away. The Spire IR used the same lackluster shell closure as the original Virtue Spire. The Spire IR 2 uses the newer updated closure that is on the Bunkerkings CTRL.

The Spire IR2 is very easy to take apart, you flip up a little tab on the back, and it just comes apart; it much more comfortable than the previous IR.

Virtue you also go ride of the backstrap, the strap held all the buttons in place, it’s not much simple now. That back strapped sucked, cracked, could fall off, no issues now, and the power button feel much better to the touch.a


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