HK Army already have the most popular strapless harness in paintball in the Zero-G Harness, now with the addition of the Zero-G harness, HK Army are sure to maintain there top spot.

Late in 2019 HK released the MagTek harness, the Magtek is a traditional paintball harness, but uses magnetic instead of Velcro to keep the pod flaps closed. The Magtek has a newer belt system, improved lumbar support and more durable elastic.

Now the new Zero-G 2.0 harness will also features those belt improvements, from looking at the pack it also looks like the pod holders have been changed around a bit. Review coming soon!

The harness will come in Blue, Red, Grey and Black and you get your pick from a 3+2+4, 4+3+4 or 5+4+4, prices are $89.95, $89.95 and $94.95.


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