Grief spread across the paintball community today as news spread of Tim Montressor passing.

Through Tim’s years playing professionally with teams like the Philly Americans, Edmonton Impact and Tampa Bay Damage Tim got to live his passion every day.

I only spoke to Tim a handful of times and it was always worked related and unfortunately did not get to know him well.

I may not have been a part of Tim’s life but he has been apart of mine for nearly 20 year, as I grew up in paintball watching I’m play on Philly. He was a staple in paintball and it’s awful he is gone.

Here are some words from his family and peers.

Tim Montressor passing

“Our beloved son Timothy L. Montressor passed away June 22, 2020 at Excela Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, PA his home at age 36.

There will be no funeral services due to Covid 19, his remains are being handled by Pantalone Funeral Home in Greensburg, PA. His ashes will be spread across the globe by his family and friends per his wishes. A memorial for his contribution to Paintball is underway.

We last saw Tim in late March when he visited us in Tampa, Florida. One of our discussions was about the risk of traveling due to Covid 19. Tim told me, “Mom, if I die tomorrow, I have lived a rich and full life. I have traveled the world multi times, have seen and done things that most people will never have the opportunity to do. Hands down, I have no regrets and would do it all over again”.

As we plan his funeral and deal with his estate, I can tell you his long time girlfriend Shannon Mattox, and his inner circle of friends, Russell, Jason, Chad, Sam , Ryan, and Adam with DLX Technology are the best people you could ever meet. We know why they were friends for nearly 20 years. The character of these friends speak volumes. Tim’s family is finding comfort in the stories of their adventures with Tim from Skydiving, swimming with a Great White in South Africa, Eating dumplings made of mystery meat in Thailand, Running of the Bulls in Spain, camping in negative 50 degrees in Alaska to see the Northerns lights, finding a 300 lbs stuffed bear in the team house, feeding lions, tigers and bears, back packing across Europe, jumping off trains, being detailed in Asia and being accused of being a gun runner, beer fests, the list is endless. The stories made us laugh and cry.

Tim’s dad and I can state he could not stay in one place long, he loved to travel. He bragged about being home only 6 days in one year. It was not uncommon for Tim to be home just long enough to do his laundry before leaving again. He would jump on a plane in a blink of time to anywhere. The only greater love was paintball. He started playing in high school working part time at Futureball near Brighton, Michigan. Paintball allowed him to travel, provided an income. Tim ate, dreamed, talked paintball. He played for Teams in Detroit, Phillie, Edmonton, Dallas, and Tampa. One of his highlights was winning the World Cup and creating the Iron City Classic. He traveled over a million miles, all continents. Tim made friends where ever he traveled.

We could write pages about your short lived life, but the one thing your family knows is that you lived life to its fullest and that you were loved. Our family is receiving emails, phone calls, texts from hundreds near and far of condolences.

Tim we say goodbye, we love you and look forward to hearing about your adventures in heaven.

Dad & Mom

A few sentences in a social media post could never hope to pay homage to a life lived so large.

Today we mourn a friend, a teammate, and a consummate professional.

Tim Montressor passed away this morning, a loss that will be felt by every member of the paintball community and the thousands of people Tim called friends around the world.

You will be missed.

DLX Technology

There are few people you come across in life who discover their passion at an early age and not only enjoy it, but embrace it, pursue it, strive to become the best at it, then conquer those dreams and travel the world time and time again, sharing that passion with others. Tim Montressor was that man for paintball and, sadly, he passed away unexpectedly this morning.

Tim was a professional paintball player in the NXL for Tampa Bay Damage as well as a competitor in the ICPL. He played in the NXL Europe events and in tournaments all over the world. Tim worked for DLX Technologies, advancing the technical side of our sport. He is often referred to as the one who “brought Classic Paintball back” with his annual 10-Man Iron City Classic event outside of Pittsburgh.

Tim will be remembered for his brilliance, his laughter, his friendship, and the leadership he portrayed on and off the field. The contributions he made to paintball are immeasurable and the void his loss brings to our community is unfathomable. Please join us in keeping his family and close friends in our hearts and prayers as they cope with his passing. Tim, a true ambassador for our sport, will never be forgotten. 🙏🏻❤️


National XBall League

As much as I am completely crushed by the tragic loss of my best friend I am truly blessed to have had you in my life for as long as I did. You were always there to pick me up and help me out when times got tough. You are my brother, my teammate, my daughters godfather, my career coach, relationship counselor, financial adviser, sponsorship coordinator, honestly there isn’t a part of my life that didn’t include you being there.

Hands down one of the greatest souls in this world. I’ll always remember the amazing times we shared as friends and our brotherly love will always burn deep in my heart.

Rest In Peace my brother and please continue to look over us all until we meet again. – I’ll buy the first round in heaven!

Tim Montressor a true legend in the sport of paintball and an even better person. #tmontressor #40 #tm40

Jason Edwards, Tampa Bay Damage

Although you never played under the Infamous banner you were always someone we truly respected and looked up to in our sport. Today we found out we lost a brother in arms. Tim Montressor was more than a pro player, fellow 10-man lover, industry person or successful event promoter… he was a true friend who will be missed. Rest In Peace, Tim.

Los Angeles Infamous


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