The Tippmann Stormer Elite is Tippmann’s newest mag-fed paintball gun. Tippmann also has a few other mag-fed guns the Tippmann TiPX, TCR and TMC.

The TiPX is a very popular pistol that has been around some years, pretty much anyone that plays paintball with a pistol uses a TiPX. There are tons of mods and upgrades and they are just fun things. Extender magazines, First Strike rounds, body Kits, barrels all kinds of stuffs. The TCR is just a bigger riffle style version of the TiPX.

Then in late 2016 Tippmann released the TMC. The TMC was Tippmann’s first attempt at making a mass-market mag-fed paintball gun. You can tell that the looks are based on the AR-15, and the paintball gun parts are based on Tippmann’s ultra-popular Cronus line. So what Tippmann did with the TMC, was take a Cronus and make it mag-fed.

You may also already be able to tell that the Stormer Elite is also based on the Cronus.What I like about the Cronus platform and in turn the Stormer Elite is that it uses nearly the same internals at the Tippmann 98, and gun that has proven itself to be extraordinarily reliable and robust. Really though the Tippmann’s are the most reliable guns on you can buy.


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