GoSports are up to to something new. GoSports entire business model centers around the NXL, the NXL holds pro paintball tournaments and GoSports broadcasts them. With the NXL canceling events GoSports had to do something to keep its current subscribers happy, so they birthday the Ultimate Shootout.

Watch the entire stream ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbdZYpq5vGg

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Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
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The Ultimate Shootout, is a 1v1 format that uses 3 buzzer across the 50 yard line. It’s pretty simple: first to 20 points wins, 3 points for a buzzer press, 4 points if you press the indicated bonus buzzer, 1 point for eliminating your opponent, if you get 3 eliminations in a row, you are now on a kill streak and will get 3 points for every kill until you are eliminated.

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