Before the CTRL was even released Bunkerking’s were talking about how small it was and I assumed it was just another manufacturer talking about how great their new product was, so I wrote it off. When we say pictures of the loader, it didn’t look smaller but it’s also really hard to tell how small stuff in pictures.

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Now hat the CTRL is out and we can hold it, it’s surprisingly small, really very small, there are other small hoppers like the HK Army Speed. Holding the Speed in had also feels super small, and it is, but it’s much taller than the CTRL and that’s kind of what matters. Most of the time when you are getting shot at you are shooting back so your front is showing, so you want your front area to be as small as possible. With the taller loader like the HK Army Speed your front is just bigger. While one-hopper might be smaller than another technically the frontal area is the most important. The closest loader size-wise is probably the Dye Rotors, the LTR its maybe 15% bigger and the R2 around 10% bigger. 10% might not sound like much, and really it’s not, but you can tell a difference in person.

On the inside are the very simple and familiar internals of the Spire. Bunkerkings is owned by Virtue. The CTRL, you should expect performance to be very similar to the Spire III, which is great because the Spire III feeds very easily of paint and feeds extremely consistent. The main grip about the Spire’s is that they don’t feed as fast as some other loaders like the Dye Rotors. To improve the feed rate Bunkerkings have cut off any access material on the drive cone to help reduce the weight. Reducing weight would help it spin quicker and thus feed quicker, Bunkerkings has also added “Enhanced Proactive Feeding Logic” software…

The biggest selling point of CTRL over the Spire III (now Spire IV) is the Aim Angle Indicator.

The idea is that a level in the CTLR can detect the angel of the loaded and thus the angel of the barrel barrel. To indicator the angle of the hopper there is an LED strip on the back on the loader.

Why would I want to know the angle of my hopper?

So I could practice shooting the same spot over and over and over, or better yet you could set the angel that you normally shoot off the break and you could practice muscle memory drills at home, or say you are running and shooting a lot and want and get better and keeping your gun stable having a visual aid to help keep you steady could be super handy.

For my full thoughts and review check out the view below or here – Bunkerkings CTRL Loader Review: A New Loader King?


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