UPDATE 06/03/20
Virtue have released a bit more info on the ACE. The gun will only be available to purchase with a Virtue Spire IV for $2,000. We assume this will change over time but at the launch of the ACE you have to buy it with a Spire IV. The Spire IV however will be available separate but only in black.

Virtue and DLX have teamed up to bring use the latest “version” of the DLX the ACE a Virtue banded DLX Luxe X.

The ACE still packs many of the features of the Luxe X: X-Core bolt system, hot swappable chargeable battery, tool-less frame removal, Freak XL barrel but it will also features some fancy new bluetooth features that are designed to work with the new Virtue Spire IV.

In Virtue’s own words

By wireless syncing with your Spire IV, the iFI enables your loader and marker to fire even more consistently and reliably as a single unit

This will be the first time that we have seen a loader and a paintball communicate wirelessly. There have been products like the old Angel Inti-Feed, but this should be new and I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

There is not price on just the ACE yet, but Virtue are taking pre-order for an Ace and Spire IV combo for $2,000 USD.

Virtue Ace Image Gallery


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