A $1000 is a nice sweet spot to make a setup. It’s always fun to start looking at the cool stuff first so let’s start with guns, we have the Dye DSR, Empire SYX, Planet Eclipse 170R, and Shocker XLS.

Tournament Paintball Gun

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Electric Hoppers

Hoppers are a bit easier as our options are fewer, as I see it with have three great options the Virtue Spire IR, HK Army Speed, and Dye Rotor LT-R. All are good options the HK Speed is super light-weight, the LTR is really durable, and the Spire comes apart in seconds. If I was picking just one though, I would go with the Spire IR.

Compressed Air Tanks

Compressed air tanks are the easiest, we can go the cheap aluminum route or go with the better carbon fiber HPA tanks. There are a lot of great tanks out there, where it’s from GI Sportz, HK or Ninja, but for the little extra cash you need to speed Ninja is the best.


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