A $1000 is a nice sweet spot to make a setup. It’s always fun to start looking at the cool stuff first so let’s start with guns, we have the Dye DSR, Empire SYX, Planet Eclipse 170R, and Shocker XLS.

Tournament Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Paintball Marker (Blackout)
9 Reviews
Dye DSR Paintball Marker (Blackout)
  • The all-new ARC Bolt is Dye’s groundbreaking new engine that delivers amazing performance in a robust, reliable package. The ARC Bolt’s smooth, quiet shot, high efficiency, and soft touch on paint is the end result of precise engineering. Two stage bolt acceleration, air spring, impact bumpers, and an ultra-low 115 psi operating pressure ensure a smooth, quiet, and accurate shot that is extremely gentle on paint.
  • UL Frame hourglass design and dual density full wrap Sticky Grips with precisely layered micro-texture provide ultimate comfort for any playing condition.
  • Edge1 Roller Bearing Trigger allows for optimal tuning for unbeatable speed, reaction time, and ultimate trigger control.
  • Powered by Dye’s Method Operating System, the most advanced CPU Dye has ever produced. The user is given unparalleled customization through the 5-Way Control Joystick and micro-USB operation that make software updates quick and easy ensuring your DSR is always performing at peak performance. A high contrast OLED display provides an intuitive user interface and advanced performance at your fingertips.
  • The all-new Hyper 6 Regulator breathes life into the DSR - now with a more efficient airflow path and consistent piston movement. The latest generation of Dye’s trusted line of regulators is the most reliable and consistent regulator Dye has produced to date. Updated with a single coil spring and top load assembly that allows for exceptionally easy service. A pressure bleed-off feature was also integrated to ensure no air is trapped in the marker when degassed.

Electric Hoppers

Hoppers are a bit easier as our options are fewer, as I see it with have three great options the Virtue Spire IR, HK Army Speed, and Dye Rotor LT-R. All are good options the HK Speed is super light-weight, the LTR is really durable, and the Spire comes apart in seconds. If I was picking just one though, I would go with the Spire IR.

HK Army Paintball Speed Hopper Paintball...
84 Reviews
HK Army Paintball Speed Hopper Paintball...
  • Weight 15.4 ounces with (2) 9 volt batteries | Constructed with a Nylon Shell to eliminate feed neck breakage
  • Single-button, one-touch on/off | Easy to clean with Patented nose release from Shell
  • Standard with upgraded "P" board for increase feed rate | Perfectly balanced with center of gravity over feed neck
  • Smaller lighter and faster than any loader on the current market | Jam-free and gentle on fragile paintballs
  • Compatible with HK Army Universal Speed Feed | Tool-free battery door
Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader...
1,013 Reviews
Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader...
  • Provides every style of player a loader that retains the quality performance that’s needed to win at a price tag that’s unmatched.
  • Patented DYE loader technology that fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology, 30+ balls per second.
  • The LT-R sets standard for battery efficiency, powered by only 3 AA batteries allowing the hopper to get 80,000+ balls shot count.
  • Adjustable feed tension and a built-in anti-jam Sharkfin release trigger makes sure your patented constant feed hopper can handle any paint and condition.
  • Trusted quality and proven consistency have made the DYE Rotor platform the number one choice in loader technology among paintball players worldwide.
Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball...
603 Reviews
Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball...
  • [Built to Win] - Durable nylon shells | Consistent feeding | Never jams or pulses | Smaller, lighter, and easier to use
  • [Intelligent] - 3-eye feeding technology continuously monitors paint | Improved sensors for a quieter and more efficient loader
  • [Reliable] - Proactive feeding logic and optimized electronics extend battery life | 9-ball raceway feeds consistently at high rates of fire
  • [Soft on Paint] - Flexible rubber fingers feed even the brittlest paint consistently without breakage
  • [Convenient] - Toolless lid for quick change to a speed feed | Compatible with the N Charge Battery Pack

Compressed Air Tanks

Compressed air tanks are the easiest, we can go the cheap aluminum route or go with the better carbon fiber HPA tanks. There are a lot of great tanks out there, where it’s from GI Sportz, HK or Ninja, but for the little extra cash you need to speed Ninja is the best.

HK Army 68ci/4500psi Aerolite Carbon...
477 Reviews
HK Army 68ci/4500psi Aerolite Carbon...
  • 68 Cubic Inch Lightweight Bottle w/ 4500 psi Capacity
  • Reliable Aircraft Grade Aluminum Regulator
  • Five-Year Hydro Cycle
  • 800 psi Output Pressure
  • DOT & TC Approved Cylinder
Empire Paintball Basics 48ci 4500psi Air...
402 Reviews
Empire Paintball Basics 48ci 4500psi Air...
  • Proven regulator performance using Pure Energy Technology
  • 48 Cubic Inch at 4500 psi
  • Standard 800 psi output pressure
  • DOT approved cylinder
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction regulator

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