I’m a bigger guy, and I’m looking for a pack but have no clue what pack will fit, is there one that has the biggest belt – James Pullman

Dye Paintball Jet Pack Harness (4+5)
143 Reviews
Dye Paintball Jet Pack Harness (4+5)
  • DYE's Jet Pack Harness fits tight, holds pods secure, and is comfortable during all-day play. If you're looking for a reliable harness with a minimalistic aesthetic look no further because this is perfect for you.
  • Never miss a shot with Elastic Ejector Loops that spring your pods from your pack to your hand for quick reloading.
  • Rubberized body material helps to prevent harness twist while adding long lasting durability and fit to the Jet Pack. Slide, dive, twist and turn without your pack riding up or becoming uncomfortable.
  • Micro injection pull tabs are easy to grip, providing quick access to your pods so you don't miss a moment of the action. Combined with the Elastic Ejector Loops, pods will shoot into your hands with ease and make reloading effortless.
  • Vented Elastic Straps keep you cool and comfortable while providing a custom fit. Fits waists up to 42". Hand wash, air dry.

Exalt Paintball Harness Belt...
76 Reviews
Exalt Paintball Harness Belt...
  • Works with most packs and harnesses
  • 24" Overall Length
  • Soft liner material stops chafing and abrasion
  • High-strength velcro keep your harness in place

I’m looking at stocking up on pod for my Son and I what should I get? – Molten Teeth

Dye Paintball Alpha Pod Tube - Smoke - 6...
270 Reviews
Dye Paintball Alpha Pod Tube - Smoke - 6...
  • Quantity 6 Alpha Pods ( Loose Pods )
  • Smoke Color
  • 150 Round Capacity for Each Pod of .68 Caliber Paintballs
  • Fits All .68 caliber Paintball Harness Designs

HK Army High Capacity Paintball Pods - 6...
64 Reviews
HK Army High Capacity Paintball Pods - 6...
  • Holds 165 Rounds
  • spring-loaded, push-button lock-lid
  • 6 Pack

I want to upgrade packs, and can’t decide on the strapless style or one with straps what do you think? – Simon Dell

VIRTUE Elite Paintball Harnesses (5+8...
34 Reviews
VIRTUE Elite Paintball Harnesses (5+8...
  • Pods Not Included* [Built to Win] - Durable Construction | Holsters lined with airmesh to protect paint, reduce rattling, and increase bounce chance | Minimal hard plastic liners
  • [Elite Performance] - 5+8 Pack holds 13 total pods | Easy reloading | Fits all Pod Sizes including PF135 and PF165
  • [Maximum Comfort] - Lightweight & Compact | Secure fit belt system | Pillow comfort friction pad
  • [Packed with Features] - Stealth Ejectors for smooth pod removal | Compression holsters reduce profile | Zippered stash pocket
  • [Stylish + Functional] Stretch fabrics mold to body and stay in place | With 6 color designs, elite has never looked so good

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