For more than 25 years JT Paintball have been at the top of the paintball mask game, they brought us the Whippersnapper and the ever-popular ProFlex.

Since the original ProFlex’s released 20+ years ago it’s barely changed, we have seen minor google frame changes, and the newest version uses rubber ears over the old foam system. Everyone loved the Flex it’s comfortable, has superior ventilation, and its stylin’, the only issue…the lens, or more so the goggle frame. The system that holds the lens in on the original ProFlex is awful, it difficult to remove lenses and it takes a long time. After all these years JT have finally updated the ProFlex, with the ProFlex X and the Premise goggle frame.

JT Proflex X Paintball Thermal Goggle...
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The Premise frame is much more modern, it only takes seconds to remove the lenses, just like all the other modern paintball masks. The good news is that the new mask still takes the original and updated (better quality) Spectra lens.

I am a sucker for these masks, I have always been a huge fan of the ProFlex line of masks. I have had a ProFlex, ProShield, Spectra, E-Flex, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something else. They are all great, but I’m still not sure that I will be ditching my E-Flex.

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