The start of the 2020 paintball season was marked by the start of Paintball Extravaganza. These are most of the new products that were shown at the event. This year the event took place in a new location the Crowne Plaza in Memphis from February 18-20th 2020.

When the event starts I will be adding products show at the event here.

Planet Eclipse, DLX, Dye, Tippmann, Virtue and the rest of the big players will all there, many smaller companies like Push and Field One were also there showing off their gear for 2020 and beyond.

New Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse LV1.6

The LV1.6 will be available in April 2020 for $1295.95, and will come in 6 colors: Silver/Dark Blue, Black/Purple, Black/Green, Teal/Grey, Gold/Red, and Black.

Falling like a flashback to 2018. Planet Eclipse has re-re-released the LV1 with a new version, the LV1.6.

The LV1.6 is cosmetically updated LV1.5, that comes with a new solenoid that is easily repairable.

Planet Eclipse Geo 4

The forth Geo will be shipping in March 2020, for $1195.95 and will come in six colors: Black/Purple, Black/Green, Teal/Grey, Gold/Red, Silver Dark Blue, and Black.


  • Shorter than CS1
  • IV Core
  • FL Barrel

First Strike Roscoe Revolver

The FS Roscoe is a revolver paintball pistol designed to short .50 caliber First Strike rounds. The Roscoe will hold 6 rounds in the chamber and use a 12-gram co2 cartridge.

First Strike Scout Bolt Action

The First Strike Scout is a bolt action mag-fed sniper rifle. The Scout will go on sale this spring for $599.95 USD

Empire SYX 1.5

A welcome update to the Empire SYX.

New Features:

  • Bolt guide
  • On/Off ASA pin
  • Battery enclosure

Tippmann Stormer

I like these! I’m a fan on the Tippmann Cronus, it’s a solid gun at a great price. The Stormer and the Stormer Tactical are just a “new” version of the Cronus. I love the new look! Tippmann also released the Stomer Elite the is mag-fed, much like the Tippmann TMC.

Azodin Blitz 4

The Blitz 4 from Azdoin is an entry-level tournament-style marker.

Azodin KD III

The KDIII from Azodin is a mid-range single trigger mechanical gun. It is going to sell for $279.95.

New Paintball Masks


Virtue VIO Ascend Graphic

Nothing too exciting just some new colors for the Ascend. The new colors will be graphic Red, Green, Blue, and Highlander Camo.