Instead of picking my top paintball product releases of 2019 this time around I’m just going to pick my favorite products that you can buy right now. That the best paintball gun, hopper, compressed air tanks and other useful things like tools.


Let’s face it, there are a lot of paintball guns. From mag-fed to pump, from MacDev to Tippmann there are a lot of different brands and gun styles. Below are some of the guns that I like the most for this upcoming 2020 season.


Unlike guns tanks are a lot simpler, you have Co2 or compressed air and a few different brands. Ninja is still at the top of the tank game, but newcomers PowerHouse are coming on strong with their aftermarket tank regulators.


Picking a paintball mask can be a bit tricky, people have different shaped heads, or maybe you wear glasses. I also suggest trying a mask on before you make a purchase, but if you can’t, I would recommend looking for something that had good ventilation and a quick change lens system like the BunkerKings CMD below.


When looking to buy a hopper or loader, its important to think about the type of gun or marker you will be paring with it. If you have something like the Eclipse M170R you are going to need something electronics like the Spire III, maybe you have an Azodin KP3 paring it with the GoG 100 round hopper would match that maker a bit better.


There are two packs on the market that I like a lot the Carbon CC harness and the Virtue Elite pack. Both are made super well and should last. The Elite is a traditional strapped pack where the Carbon CC is strapless. Carbon also makes the high-end airbag harness the SC .

Pants and Apparel

This last year 2019 and this coming 2020 we have seen are will see a large push from HK Army, they are have been brought it. They have lots of pants, jersey, pads, shorts, t-shirts, hats, beanie, etc. HK Army are killing the paintball apparel game.

Random Stuff

Just some random stuff that I like and carry with me to the paintball field all the time.


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