The HK Army Speed is not really a new product, it used to be called the Pinokio Speed, but in the summer of 2018 HK acquired Pinokio Hoppers and rebranded the Pinokio Speed the HK Army Speed.

Pinokio is mainly known for making the original Pinokio hopper. Inside the Pinokio was a pretty mundane standard electronic loader, it was very similar to the JT Revolution. On the outside is where the Pinokio’s name comes from, you can add a comically large nose on the front to make the overall capacity 400 paintballs.

In 2018 when HK bought Pinokio everything changed. Dynasty started using the loader and since HK sells products in nearly every paintball store and park, most stores started to stock them.

The HK Speed is a very small and lightweight paintball hopper. It is the smallest electronic hopper on the market and it also much lighter than everything else, that’s in the same category. The Speed weighs in at only 344 grams without batteries, compared to the cumbersome Dye Rotor LTR at 550 grams.

Overall i’m a fan of the loader, it feeds well, is very small and affordable. The Speed is a great pick for someone that is getting into “better” equipment or someone looking for a great bang for you buck loader.


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