HK Army have been making elbow and knee pads for about 10 years now, and this is their 3rd set.

HK Army CTX Arm Pads (Large)
18 Reviews
HK Army CTX Arm Pads (Large)
  • Enhanced comfort and durability
  • Contour, dual-layered, high-impact padding
  • Neoprene arm support
  • Lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch sleeve
  • Built-in glove

I have not historically I haven’t been a big fan of HK’s soft good, things like packs, pads, and pants. Over the past few years though, their products have improved and the quality has ticked up just a bit. While it’s great to see HK products made better, this is a trend that we are seeing across the industry, which is even better.

Overall I like the HK Army CTX elbow pads, they are built well, padding is great, sizing is good and they are breathable.


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