Getting some gameplay footage is fun and It’s a great tool to improve your skills or just showing off some of that sweet moves. I use two GoPro Sessions when I play, a barrel mounted camera and a mask mounted camera.

GoPro Session ➡
Inception Designs Apache ➡

Only in the last few years have paintball companies starter to make GoPro mounts for paintball. If I remember correctly Inception Designs, was the first company to make a paintball specific mount, with their Apache barrel mount, after that Inception released various other GoPro mounts.

Now years later there are a few different ways to film yourself playing paintball, HK Army make a few mounts, there are 3D printed mounts, or you can do like me and jam a GoPro Session in the goggle frame.

HK Army Univeral Barrel ➡
HK Army Goggle ➡
Cheap Barrel Mount ➡
GoPro Gun/Bow Mount ➡

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Yo! My name is Brad Johnson, I'm the author/creator/owner/janitor of Paintball Ruined My Life. I've been working in the paintball industry for over 18 years. I have worked as a sales representative for WDP, as a marker technician for KEE Action Sports, as author for FaceFull and Along the way I also wrote for FaceFull and